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we got last night there was some reference to cost and design issues associated with that. is that something -- what are the issues there? >> i will come back to you on the rva. those items are a closed session item because the confidentiality and sensitivity of it. >> thank you. >> are there any other questions? seeing none, thank you. now directors we will conclude with turner construction giving you our later construction update. >> good morning directors, steve with turner construction. even with the holidays it was a very -- [ inaudible ] you have heard some of these statistics already earlier this morning, but the last period, the month of december there were no recordable or lost time
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incidents on the project. we have -- you saw the 700,000 plus man hours to-date throughout the entire project and taking into account the current work on the transit center, all the work under webcor's contract, 600,000 craft hours through the end of 2012. and that is about 38,000 completed over the last period. the most significant progress has been made in the excavation and there is some statisticks there of where we are. the ultimate news is that we're about 50% complete with the overall excavation of the project. you heard 27 5,000 cubic yards have been removed. so we're right on track. there some of the other highlights, the water, the auxiliary water system work continues on mission street, working on 2nd
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back towards the beale street end of the project and that will be ongoing through most of the first-half of 2013. of some significance, with just some discussion about the buttress shaft change order, the engineers finally concluded their testing and have been able to optimize the total number of buttress shafts reducing the total number by 25. so the total drilled quantity of shaft when we evaluate at the end of the work will be less than originally anticipated. there will be some dollars coming back based on that. so we have completed to-date 172. there are ten more to go. we anticipate a mid-february, third week of february completion date at the current rate which will also expedite that work that was originally planned to finish april 1st. the micro piles are underway, and interesting, each one is
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tested for pull-out strength and we completed testing on 36 of them so far and that is continuing as we speak. coming up in next couple of months, obviously the excavation in zone 1 should about completed by the end of january. the grounding and geothermal trade packages will start under the below-grade packages con [trao-rbgts/]. contractor. we should be able to complete the beale street bridge by april. i have information on that coming up. and hopefully complete the buttress work in the next 90 days. here is the overall timeline you have seen before. still on track with the below-grade contractor working with his geothermal and grounding contractors and submittal on the rest of the his work. the superstructure package as you heard before is out for bid and that work will get released throe the board process 2nd quarter, coming in february/march. so that will be on the april board current
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plan. on the exterior finishes and so on. as far as the buttress work, it continues to work along as we discussed. the work is 50% complete and still on track for a 1st quarter/early 2nd quarter 2014 completion of all the excavation. just an overview of where we are. and the slide that shows you how far the excavation has progressed with that west end close to complete excavation, moving towards the east. and the overview picture, you can see considerably more work has been done in zone 3. the first level of bracing is complete and they are starting to work on the second level. just some highlights working down between the micro pile contractor and among the bracing at the far west end, the lower right-hand photograph shows you what is left after the micro piles are complete. those are the tensioning rods
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that run through the middle of the micro pile and will tie into the slab that will be poured in the below-grade structure and affect that whole down progress or the whole down design on the mat slab. zone 2 continuing bracing and excavation. they have gotten to 1st street in the left-hand picture. zone 3 they are excavating under the fremont bridge. the archaeologists are always on standby and those are areas that hadn't been disturbed in the top surface and they continue to find little things in that. and the overall picture of the east end where the buttress work is going on. the red circles now represent the buttresses shafts that have been eliminated. and the green obviously the completed,elo yellow in progress and we'll be up over 174 by tomorrow.
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you can see the production curve as we are just about right on where we should be. the quality control work continues on the buttress shafts with the coring and testing the interface between the shafts and just some pictures of them completing a few more shafts. the awss work continues. that is all on mission street now. so what is coming up january, february and the very first weekend in april? will be the preparation and support structures for the beale street bridge. we plan to do that on a friday night road closure with an early monday re-opening. we have been able to do that on the other two bridges. this just gives you an idea of the prep work that has to occur and the time periods and of course the support piles will require road closures on beale
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street. and mr. and is there is muni that necessitates where muni has to be taken down and reinstalled. budgeting information, there has been plenty of discussion on that. we run 63% on local labor and continue to hit the similar numbers throughout the general areas. san francisco still contribution about 20% of the labor to the project. and these "around the house" are the trades that are currently working and the numbers. any questions? >> director reiskin? >> great news, that is more than 10% reduction and you
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suggested a little mvp might be coming bab, is that a significant analyst? >> the way the contract is written, that it was a price for the installation of the 125 and the change order to add the 72 for a total count of 207. each shaft, each foot of the drilled shaft is what we calculated on. the original design length was 241' and that was what the bid was based on with a total estimated drill amount. so what we need to do now is wait until they are 100% done, the last shaft is drilled and from a quality perspective, approved, accepted. and then we'll say we add up the total feet drilled of each one and do the multiplication. because there are three different types of shaft with three different prices per foot.
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yes, the average cost of a shaft is well over $200,000 at the 241' estimate. and more importantly it saves us time. as you recall the buttress work was controlling a lot of the project and this helps us tremendously there as well. any other questions? >> seeing none, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> that concludes my report. >> thank you. we'll move on to item no. 6, which is public comment? >> i have not received any indication that a member of the public wants to address you under this item. >> if you want to address the board, please come up to the mic and you will have two minutes. >> hi, thank you i'm jim patrick with patrick and company in san francisco and i have watched this board go on and analyze this agreement with
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heines behind closed doors for the last year and a half and finally reading the minutes which are about to be approved this deal has concluded apparently. i would like to know from the board, why is this a good deal for us? no. 1. and no. 2 could i get a copy of this deal to evaluate it? thank you. >> thank you. is there any other public comment? seeing none, we will close public comment. and we'll move on to our regular calendar, which brings us to item no. 7. >> item no. 17 authorizing the executive director to negotiate a contract with the san francisco public utilities commission. >> and directors bob beck will report on this item. >> thank you, we did get a really detailed summary, which i appreciate.
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since we did a detailed one, we could just answer questions. >> the detail was at a pretty high level and really at the end of the day boils down to what are the economic terms of two proposals. so we did receive proposals from both pg&e and puc to provide power source to the tjpa and based on the schedule for finalizing construction documents this may we really need to commit to the space program that would be associated with one service or the other. that is why we're bringing this issue to you today. under the cpuc as a regulated utility it's pretty straightforward that tjpa would fall underneath the cpuc rate e20 classification and in the proposal that the puc has submitted to us, they would provide us a rate that would be 10% lower than the published
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cpuc rate that pg&e would be required to meet. the pg&e connection, the recommended connection, they presented three alternatives, but the one recommended to us was the connection to the downtown network grid. which is the kind of standard arrangement in areas where that service is available. and they would serve the transit center with two different points of service, which would be fully redundant and neither would be able to support the operations of the transit center, if one point of service failed. the san francisco puc proposal, they are not able to service directly from the downtown grid, but what they have proposed is what is called a "do dual primary feeder." again
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connecting to the transit center at two different locations and either service being able to fully support the needs of the transit center. so if there was a problem with one point of service or the pg&e substation, we would be able to receive service from the other substation. in terms of the first cost to the tjpa, the first cost of the connection to the pg&e service was estimated by pg&e at roughly $4.5 million. those service connections are subject to a number of rebate programs based on consumption. the san francisco public utilities commission, the cost of making that connection would be greater, but the proposal from the san francisco public utilities commission is that they would cover any additional
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costs above and beyond those that would be required for the pg&e service connection. and, in fact, that they would -- because they are not required to pay a state tax on the service connections, they would decrease the cost of our service connection by the cost of that tax, which is rough life $650,000. and their service connection would be subject to the same refunds as the pg&e service connection. so that we're at a very equitable basis, but realizing about a $650,000 initial savings on cost of service. it's worth noting also that the puc has additional energy-efficiency rebates that they have indicated that the
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transit center might be eligible for above and beyond those offered by pg&e. and that puc primarily, because they are primary hetchy and solar power that they are 100% greenhouse gas-free service to the tjpa. so in summary, the sfpuc is offering us an ongoing service rate that would be 10% lower than pg&e's. an initial cost of connection that is again roughly $650,000 less than pg&e's. and has a comparable level of reliability of service. and so the recommendation is that the board authorize staff to negotiate an agreement with puc. >> thank you. actually i did have a quick question. i wasn't clear from the summary, the $661,000 of the
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itcc, are we going to discount that amount to the puc? because in the summary it said a minus and i wasn't sure we would offer that credit to the puc, since we would not have to pay it to pg&e. >> the puc has said is that they would limit the cost to the tjpa to the amount that it would cost them to establish pg&e network grid service, less the amount of that fee. so that is a further decrease in the initial cost investment to the tjpa for the amount of that fee, which at the time of the pg&e proposal was 22% of the costs. >> thank you. director metcalf? >> why is the sf puc proposing
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to subsidize the installation by 3. 5 million dollars? >> the puc is here and barbara hale could speak to that. but in terms of bringing us on as a customer, they are able to further utilize the amount -- to sell on the retail market additional energy that they would otherwise would be surplus and selling on the whole sale market. >> do they make the money back? >> they make the money back. >> thank you. that is all i need. >> director reiskin? >> just a comment, as the chair said, first of all, a very good and comprehensive report. so i appreciate that. and i also think as the
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transbay terminal itself is enabling a sustainability form of transportation and brings a very big environmental benefit to the region, i think it's very appropriate that we would be powering it with clean hetch hetchy power. so i commend the puc for an innovative and aggressive proposal and i think this is a win-win and good for the puc and it's good for the project and it's good for the city. so i think i'm happy to see the recommendation. thank you. >> i will just concur with director reiskin. and i think over the last -- actually over the last year the board of supervisors has spent quite a bit of time comparing rates and offerings between pg&e and puc with community choice aggregation. i think i came out of that process with incredible faith with the public utilities commission to really work through and offer the best deal possible both for the city and i do think it's a big win-win
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in terms of the revenue that is going to flow back to the city. and of course, the savings that will occur at tjpa and of course, the environmental impacts or the benefits is also a huge bonus. so i'm really happy to see this come before us and happy to support this as well. any other commentses or questions? let's take a vote on this item. >> motion to approve this. >> second. >> with a first and second, and any member of public wishing to comment on the item (roll call vote ) that is four ayes and item 7 is approved. >> thank you. can we please move to item no. 8. >> item no. 8 is approving the updated initial projects report and a resolution of project compliance with for the allocation of regional measure 1/ab funds in amount of $47,800,000 for the transit
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center program >> sarah will report on this item. >> directors this is the standard compliancing. this particular allocation allows us to certify and issue an ntp for the first portion of the structural steel contract. as we have done in the past with mtc, when we have the land sale funds available from the close of the tower parcel t, we would actually rescind whatever we haven't spent and return it to mtc and would be available for a future allocation. so this is $47.8 million in funds to be determined by mtc and i'm happy to answer any questions that you have. >> director reiskin. >> it's great to see this moving forward and enabling the
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ntp package. the table in the back that showed the revenue plan for both the $1.6 million project and total $4.5 . the land sales items, it was maybe $400 something million for phase 1 and double that for the total project. what are the assumptions underlaying those numbers and what is the level of certainty with those? >> the land sale assumptions are based on projections that are real estate consultant as part of the tifia loan. there is a range of numbers that are possible and we have of course used the lower more conservative assumptions. and we'll see how the market performs as we move forward.
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we do have -- if the board would like to review in closed session, we do have those projections on a block-by-block basis, but we do keep those confidential. >> okay. thank you. >> sure. >> move approval. >> so we have a motion to approve, and we have a second. >> and no members of the publication indicated that they wanted to address you on the item. so with that roll call (roll call vote ) . >> that is four ayes and item 8 is approved. thank you. >> can we call items 9 and 10 together? >> item 9 is approving the minutes of the november 19th, 2012 meet >> members of the board, good morning and happy new year. i would like to direct your attention to item 9 at the bottom of page 3.
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this does not actually request what was said at the meeting. the board gave specific direction to staff to come back basically other issues to be studied in the supplemental eir and directions were to come back to the board, either in december or january. now the reason i am addressing you here is that one thing that was really basically skipped over is that the authority mandated in the alignment, but what happened as a result of that is that the platforms have not been pushed back to the other side of main street, on the other side of the street. what that means if we pursue this avenue, we will never, ever be able to connect transbay to the east bay. and the sooner we look at this and address this, the better. thank you. >> that concludes the members of the public that indicated that they wanted to address you
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under that item. >> thank you. i am actually looking at our november minutes right now and i'm not sure what aspect of the minutes that were referred to. director metcalf? >> i think i was the one who made comments there. thank you for the comments. i agree that this is an area that needs future study. i do think that the minutes are accurate. we did authorize moving forward with that professional services agreement. we are requesting that we talk about this at a future meeting as the minute say. so i think you are flagging an important issue for us, but i think we should adopt the minutes >> thank you, director metcalf. i assume this is referring to item no. 9? >> that is right. >> when the board did request an update on dtx and high speed rail and i do see that reflected in the minutes. would you like to make that more specific in the minutes? >> no, i'm comfortable with
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the minutes. >> we do have items 9 and so before us. >> i think i'm going to abstain from item 9. >> so we'll call them separately then. >> i do know if you have read the minutes and you feel comfortable with them you can vote on them, but if you rather not we can do them separately. do we have a motion to approve. >> so moved. >> motion and second and we'll vote on that first. >> [-ebs/] director mett kav? >> aye. >> director reiskin? >> aye. >> vice-chair ortiz? >> obstain. >> chair kim? >> aye. >> that is three ayes and one abstained and item 9 is approved. >> go ahead and call item 10. >> approving the minutes of meeting december 13, 2013. >> moved and second. >> no members of public who wish to address you on that item.
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(roll call vote? >> . four ayes and item 10 is approved. >> at this time i do not see any further items in our open session. do we have a motion to convene into closed session. >> so moved. >> second. >> at this time we do ask members of the public to exit the room to discuss closed session items and we want to thank everyone for coming today. >> i did want to note that no members indicated that they wish to address you on the closed session item. >> seeing none, public comment on this item is closed. the meeting is now back in open session and counsel will report on the closed session.
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>> >> the board unanimously resolved to direct the executive director [speaker not understood] for l1,432,500 and resolve upon successful closure, surmisal of the eminent domain action. >> thank you no further items? >> that conclude yours agenda for today. thank you, meeting adjourned. >> hey, guys, known a with the
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weekly. much to do and much to see. here the top activities at the top of my list. this tuesday, january 15th, the sf main library will feature free film night and reception and celebrate 2013. join itbs for viewing soul food junkieses, history and cultural significance of soul food, black cultural identity. across the street from the library at grove street. after movie might, learn about the 21st sea lion anniversary. this thursday through next monday, pier 39 will feature sea lion experts and celebration of 23rd anniversary of their arrival. become sea lion savvy and learn about marine life and state conservation on sea lay i don't know encounter. need to shed holiday pounds or want to bike ride? great. this saturday you're invited to bicycle with the san francisco midnight mystery ride as they set out to a new mystery
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location in sf. where to meet, post their locationses on the website and facebook page to answer. only the ride leader knows where they're going so bring your sense of adventure. rides are generally around five miles and all levels of cyclists are welcome. and that's the weekly buzz. for more information about any of these events visit us at sf grouch tv.or

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